I am ProSync and I offer you the opportunity to prevent losses in a way no other safe and ATM locking systems can. I give you visibility and control over the security of your assets.

ProSync is our award-winning intelligent locking device, designed to give you real-time information on all safe, vault or ATM door activity. With 24/7 monitoring by an alarm-receiving centre, ProSync can send text and email alerts in an instant.

ProSync is innovative, unique and can be retrofitted to replace existing locks for proactive protection against internal or external theft.

Operated by a fob and/or pin code, ProSync's features include time windows, time delay, duress facility, dual user access and the facility to control an inner compartment or second door.

With a wide range of built-in and bespoke reporting options and add-ons, including GPS tracking, ProSync uses the latest technology to shrink your business losses and reduce service costs.

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