Vaults and Strongrooms

Need a specialist to provide you with a safe haven for you or your valuables, at home or at work? Trust TSI.

Do you need more space than a standard-sized safe unit can provide? Or the reassurance of an on-site panic room in the event of any threat to life?

We supply and install high-security vaults, panic rooms and strongrooms of all sizes to suit your individual needs and budget, working with you to find the best possible solution within the constraints of the site.

Today's prefabricated strongrooms are built to last, whilst offering flexibility, including semi-mobile designs which allow dismantling and reassembly if you need to move the units elsewhere.

Specialities include:

  • Air-conditioned, securely vented units e.g. controlled drug/pharmaceutical vaults.
  • Bespoke panic rooms with built-in life support.
  • Lightweight units (grade III) for installing on upper floors.
  • Ultimate protection (grade XIII) vaults, explosive and core drill (EXCD) certified.