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Isn’t security about trust?

Certainly at TSI we think so and that reflects within who we are. A close knit family business made up of three generations, long standing team members and best friends. People who trust each other.

TSI at your service

It is not about what works for us, it is about understanding your problem and finding the right solution that works for you. We are committed to providing continuous support and high quality customer service. We will ensure that if you have an issue you can speak with the right person who will efficiently resolve it.


With over 40 years experience within the electronic and physical security industry, we understand every situation is different. For this reason we work with many of the leading insurance companies and brokers to ensure that what is fitted meets your exact needs.

We understand the need for discretion and comfort within your home. That is why we will always survey a premises in advance to ensure our engineers arrive with the right equipment. By doing so we can protect all working areas during installation.


There is an obvious need for security around luxury items. However, in this sector more than any other, it cannot be at the expense of the customer experience. These luxury items must still be showcased in their best light.

TSI have proved on numerous occasions there is a way to achieve this harmony between comprehensive security and customer satisfaction. Whether it’s through discreet electronic security or security glazing and entrance lobbies that blend into the look, we can retain the luxurious look that the client wants to project without compromising the security.


TSI realise that there is a lot of responsibility and trust placed on us when we are recommended by others. That is why we take the time to visit the client first to mitigate against any risk of potential problems on site.

We realise that our interactions reflect upon your brands reputation. That is why we always ensure all working areas are protected. We remain courteous at all times and we leave the premises as we found it. Our years of experience are put to good use in order to ensure that our security solutions reflect positively upon your organisation.


There are a number of factors that need to be taken into account regarding commercial and retail businesses. You may be multi-site entities or have specific problems unique to your industry. In these instances we are equipped to provide astute management information as well as security solutions.

The important part for us as a business is to be adaptable. We are expert providers in both physical and electrical security. When there is no obvious solution, we create one.


It is vital that children and staff feel safe and secure in their school or college and that’s exactly what the physical and electronic security solutions provided by TSI can help to ensure happens, providing a calm, secure environment for students to learn and teachers teach with minimal disruptions.

TSI designs and installs a full range of security measures from Access Control to Monitored CCTV Cameras, from Intruder Alarms to Intelligent Locking Systems and much more.

With you every step of the way

We pride ourselves on the long term relationships we have with our clients. Achieving this level of trust requires more than just doing a great job. What sets us apart is our interaction from day one.

Communication, the ability to speak to the right person, and aftersales support. All of these important elements form part of the TSI personal touch which we feel sets us apart and makes our customers want to deal with us again.

How we work

How we work

Initial contact

When you contact us one of our experienced sales team will discuss the nature of the call and ascertain how we can help.

After reviewing the options available to you we will arrange for a survey to be carried out at a suitable time and date. We will always provide the name and contact details of the person who will complete your survey.

Face-to-face visit

The primary objective of our surveyor visit is to gain a greater knowledge of the requirement(s) and to assess how TSI can fulfil your security needs.

We will review all the areas concerned not just to see what is required, but also so we can establish what we need to do to protect your property during the installation process. For this reason we will always carry out an extensive survey.

Your report

We will address the requirements raised in the meeting and provide you with a full report on what will be provided and the location points of the installation. Illustrations and plans will also be provided where appropriate.

We believe in being open and transparent. Our terms and conditions will be in a booklet and not in tiny print on the back of the quotation. We will draw attention to key areas that we feel you should be aware of and we’d be more than happy to discuss the quotation in greater detail if you wish.

The installation

Before the installation begins our lead engineer or project manager will explain what we are going to do and how we are going to protect items such as carpets and stairs. Once these guidelines are in place, our engineers will work neatly and discreetly to install your system with minimal disruption.

After the installation our engineers will walk you through the system in detail; showing you how key components work and checking that everything has been set up as required. Our engineers will always answer any questions you may have before they leave the premises.

Aftersales care

Our contact does not end at the installation. We remain on hand to answer any questions and carry out any maintenance visits as and when required. Wherever possible the same engineers will attend to keep continuity flowing.

We are confident that your system will work perfectly but we want you to know that you can contact us whenever you need to. Our commitment to exceptional aftersales care means that you will be able to speak to the right person who will efficiently resolve any queries.

Hot off the Press

Getting to the core of the problem is a key feature of our approach. Every industry has different challenges and requires individual solutions. Here are some examples of our approach to tackle these different problems along with a little bit of information on what we are up to.

Our ears are burning

At the end of the day it’s about what you think. Here are some of our clients’ comments…

S.W. Associates

‘We have worked with TSI for over five years and will continue to do so. They have wide knowledge of physical and electronic protections with a cheerful, professional approach. TSI staff ensure that the solutions are workable for the customer. Adding their reliability makes TSI our installers of choice.’

John Shaw

Managing Director

Stackhouse Poland

‘I work with High Net Worth individuals handling their insurance requirements and have come across multiple security firms over the years. My clients and the service they receive is of the utmost importance and any recommendations I make are carefully considered. Discretion, technical knowledge, expertise together with an exemplary level of service is crucial. TSI consistently meet and exceed my clients requirements, they are experts in their field and I never hesitate to recommend their services.’

Phillipa Agnew

Private Client Manager


‘I have worked with and recommended TSI for many years. Their technical knowledge is outstanding and their service consistently excellent. TSI listen to the needs of the customer and offer appropriately designed, often bespoke, security solutions. Offering a range of high quality products TSI have built an enviable reputation.’

Stephen Wilkinson

Director, Risk Management

Lark Insurance

A recent testimonial on our fantastic Mike Cripps..

‘I’ve been involved with HNW insurance for over 30 years. I would always use Mike Cripps. He’s very knowledgeable knows the safe industry and products inside out but perhaps more importantly he is wonderful with clients. He immediately puts them at ease, has a great personality and makes the whole transaction simple and painless. He gives great client service!’

Julie Webb BA (Hons) Dip CII

Client and Risk Director

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