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    As Another Audacious Gem Theft Hits The Headlines

    Barely weeks after the ringleader of the Hatton Garden jewellery heist was convicted, another audacious gem theft has hit the headlines. While details are still thin on the ground, it appears thieves tunnelled into George Attenborough Son jewellers, from a neighbouring building, during the weekend of 23-24 March. According to the Sun newspaper, the highly sophisticated raid resulted in the “elite gang” making off with a £1m haul.

    While this was indeed a daring raid, that had obviously been carefully planned, adequate security solutions could have stopped the thieves in their tracks.

    Meticulous planning

    Like the Hatton Garden Jewellery robbery, this job was obviously the result of meticulous planning and sophisticated execution. The Hatton Garden gang succeeded, primarily because the ringleader knew how to compromise the alarm system and that the store would be closed for a significant amount of time. It appears the perpetrators of this latest crime have taken a similar approach, as the burglary remained undetected until well after the event.

    So if criminals are able to circumvent alarm systems, is there much more jewellers and high-end retailers can do to protect themselves? Well, in our opinion there is.

    Time Is Of The Essence

    If display cases and storefront windows have been fitted with the correct security glass, (see our recent post – Does The Security Industry Need To Be More Transparent About Glass) thieves are deterred and are forced to make off empty-handed. But while protective security glass, such as P7B, can slow criminals down it isn’t impregnable. However, most thieves don’t give themselves the luxury of time – they work on the basis of being able to, quite literally, smash and grab, entering and exiting the store as quickly as possible before police are deployed. But like the Hatton Garden heist, the execution was dependent on the thieves tunnelling in undetected, therefore giving themselves hours, if not days, to access and remove the jewellery.

    But there are solutions available that can detect this increasingly common method of entry.

    Intelligent “Ears On Your Walls”

    Paul Terry, Technical Sales Director for Total Security Solutions, says that highly sensitive seismic detectors can detect any unusual activity that may indicate thieves are trying to access your salon.

    These seismic sensors can pick up even the slightest structure-borne vibration by identifying critical sound-wave profiles – this includes drilling noise, oxygen torches, detonations and even patterns of hammering. Any unusual and prolonged vibration will automatically trigger your alarm and your security specialist’s monitoring centre.

    Paul Terry says: “Vaults, safes, cash dispensers and ticket machines often attract criminal elements. When Seismic detectors are included as part of a complete security system our monitoring centre will be quickly alerted to any unusual activity, raising the alarm to any attempt to raid your salon before any valuables can be taken.”

    Staying One Step Ahead

    So while career criminals are becoming more sophisticated and determined in the way they operate, TSI is always one step ahead. We have a full range of integrated solutions that can help deter and detect the most committed of thieves. We carry out a full consultation and assessment to provide a bespoke security system; one that not only provides robust security measures but seamlessly blends in with the aesthetic of your establishment.

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