Advances in technology mean that modern CCTV systems offer ever increasing levels of performance and quality. The ease of remote accessibility gives greater flexibility and benefits than previously anticipated.
TSI embrace these modern innovations but critically retain the values of carrying out a quality survey. We take the time to define the key objectives for each client’s system.

Intruder Alarm

Discreet but offers full protection when you’re store is vacant. Various detectors coupled with other security measures work in tandem with this product to ensure the security solution keeps your store safe at all times.


Rapid deployment fogging can be used in both overnight and daytime situations. It can be interfaced to work with the intruder alarm system or operate independently.

Security Glazing

Security glazing must be designed to resist modern attack threats whilst also showcasing your brand items in the best possible light. TSI understand these needs and work to produce screens, airlocks and shopfronts that provide optimal security without being detrimental to the product on display. How the glass is supported in place and its overall look are key design elements that we always take into consideration.



Intruder Alarm


Security Glazing

Luxury Brands


How we help Luxury Brands

Balancing the look of a luxury brand store with security has traditionally been a challenge but TSI vehemently believe that they do not need to be mutually exclusive. We aim to provide bespoke solutions that combine security whilst retaining a luxury and exclusive feel. We can implement security solutions that accommodate for the current challenges faced by high-end retail.

Electronic security is discreetly installed but every item serves a distinct purpose. Excellent communication with the client and design team can ensure that security complements the salon’s design rather than detracting from it.


Our client was refurbishing their main London salon and were conscious of the challenges being faced by fast moving groups that had been receiving press attention. However, security had to be achieved in such a way as to not impact the customer experience and drive potential business away.


The entrance and main window were adapted to contain high security glass with frame reinforcement. The glass was constructed to minimise reflection to provide the best viewing experience for potential clients. The entry maximised the use of glass to create a feeling of space whilst allowing staff to control the flow of people into the salon. The physical protection was then supported by a full range of electronic security solutions which were designed to protect against both daytime and overnight attacks. Discreetly installed, but every item positioned with a specific role in mind. Throughout the process close liaison with the client and designer took place to ensure that the look and feel were in line with expectations.

Our ears are burning

At the end of the day it’s about what you think. Here are some of our clients’ comments…

S.W. Associates

‘We have worked with TSI for over five years and will continue to do so. They have wide knowledge of physical and electronic protections with a cheerful, professional approach. TSI staff ensure that the solutions are workable for the customer. Adding their reliability makes TSI our installers of choice.’

John Shaw

Managing Director

Stackhouse Poland

‘I work with High Net Worth individuals handling their insurance requirements and have come across multiple security firms over the years. My clients and the service they receive is of the utmost importance and any recommendations I make are carefully considered. Discretion, technical knowledge, expertise together with an exemplary level of service is crucial. TSI consistently meet and exceed my clients requirements, they are experts in their field and I never hesitate to recommend their services.’

Phillipa Agnew

Private Client Manager


‘I have worked with and recommended TSI for many years. Their technical knowledge is outstanding and their service consistently excellent. TSI listen to the needs of the customer and offer appropriately designed, often bespoke, security solutions. Offering a range of high quality products TSI have built an enviable reputation.’

Stephen Wilkinson

Director, Risk Management

Lark Insurance

A recent testimonial on our fantastic Mike Cripps..

‘I’ve been involved with HNW insurance for over 30 years. I would always use Mike Cripps. He’s very knowledgeable knows the safe industry and products inside out but perhaps more importantly he is wonderful with clients. He immediately puts them at ease, has a great personality and makes the whole transaction simple and painless. He gives great client service!’

Julie Webb BA (Hons) Dip CII

Client and Risk Director

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