Physical Products

We supply and install new and reconditioned safes, vaults and locking systems along with a range of attack-resistant ballistic products including security screens, counters and display cases.

All of our products are high quality, insurance-approved / certified and fully tested by our in-house engineers before and after installation.

If you need advice – whether on product specifications, test certificates, or anything else – TSI’s well-known expertise is on hand to help you choose the right solution for you or your business.

Before placing your order we always advise contacting your insurer to confirm that your preferred product matches your policy’s indemnity level.


Whatever the risk or application, TSI can install and support new European graded safes that will meet the needs of both yourself and your insurer. Utilising our history and experience in the safe industry, we can advise you on all aspects of the safe’s defence mechanisms, available accessories and locking options.

We provide targeted advice on location and locking mechanisms for your safe in order to make it as convenient and easy to use as possible. If you work in the retail sector then we can also provide a number of solutions that can be tailored to suit your business.


An innovative locking system designed with the challenges of today in mind. With 24/7 remote monitoring and customer defined alerts, ProSync applies 21st century technology to enhance a tried and tested physical product.

Centrally managed, users can have access to their own data to extract single or multi site reports without the need to leave their desk.


TSI has a variety of locking systems to suit the individual needs of your business. Many of these innovative systems can be monitored and administered from a remote location. From padlocks, office doors and vehicle door locks, to jewellery cabinets or cages we have a solution for you. With these technologically proficient locking systems the intelligence is built into the key and lock to determine access.


Security glazing must be designed to resist modern attack threats whilst also showcasing your brand, product or service in the best possible light. TSI understand these needs and work to produce screens, airlocks and shopfronts that deliver top-level security without impeding the product(s) on display. We will help you choose the ideal security designs for your business such as how the glass is supported in position and the final aesthetic finish of your display.


TSI design, supply and install vaults of all sizes and grades. From a bespoke design through to modular prefabricated strongrooms. Options can range from lightweight grade III units for upper floor installation all the way up to the high level protection offered by vaults in grade XIII with core drill (CD) and explosive (EX) certification.

The modern PSR remains an asset even when you move because they can be demounted and reassembled into their new location. Specially designed vents enable air conditioning to be securely introduced into the structures which can prove particularly beneficial for pharmaceutical and controlled drug vaults.


Panic rooms or safe rooms are now an increasing consideration within high net worth homes. Rooms are always designed to allow the client fast and easy access. Their specifications can be modified to provide the correct level of protection whilst ensuring it matches and complements the building’s decor.

TSI are able to construct panic rooms to almost any client requirement whilst ensuring that the walls, floor and ceiling offer the same level of protection and work alongside the security door. We are able to design any door to match existing doors within a client’s property.

When we discuss security doors, both the frames and locking systems form part of the conversation. It is often not the door that is the weak point. There is a misconception that security doors are ugly steel units. This is not the case. By sandwiching the layers of security in between the decoration, we are able to match or provide designs that fit your style.

At TSI we understand the need for security and design to coexist. We have years of experience in this field and can work with you to achieve your objectives.

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