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    About Us

    Total Security Installations (TSI) have been providing ground breaking security solutions for generations. Initially a safes and vaults specialist, operating out of a drafty shed on the banks of the Thames, the company has grown to be one of the most well-respected security providers in the UK. Ever since our founder and chairman, Peter Terry, invented the Terry anti hold-up safe back in 1972 we have developed a reputation for forward-thinking security solutions. Today, the safe is still approved by insurers and used to protect cash and staff across the world. As customer needs have evolved, so have we.

    We are constantly developing cutting edge physical, electrical and digital security solutions to the latest security threats. Despite our continued growth we have rigidly maintained our commitment to high-quality service, based on good old-fashioned family and business values. As well as several generations of family members our award-winning staff include former heads of security and loss prevention experts, from the insurance, retail and finance industries. Which is why TSI has an unsurpassed reputation for innovative, bespoke engineered solutions across the globe.

    • 1968-1980

      The beginnings - from Dockside to Docklands. Peter Terry started his safe business from a floating pontoon in Woolwich. He quickly combined his safe expertise with a knowledge of the Thames tides, as pushing a safe uphill was no fun. His brother joined him and the business grew rapidly. Peter fast gained a reputation for problem solving, which culminated in a bookmaker asking him for help in solving a hold up problem that was rife in the industry. By combining the idea of a central heating clock with a solenoid, he invented the Terry anti-hold up safe. Losses were reduced dramatically and soon the unit was being installed in bookmakers and quickserve restaurants around the country. The company then moved to a business unit on the India and Millwall Docks.

    • The 80's

      Terry`s reputation continued to build and was now diversifying into ballistic glass screens and doors. This proved popular in the embassy, banks and jewellery fields where there was a need. There was even an appearance on Tomorrow`s World! The business expanded and in November 1985 was presented with a Docklands development award by the then Chancellor of the Exchequer Nigel Lawson. Ironically the following day they received notice that the property was to be subject of a compulsory purchase for the development of Canary Wharf. So the business was forced to relocate to Canning Town.

    • 1990's

      Lets get electrical. Until the late 1980`s the business provided mainly physical security solutions, dealing predominantly in safes and doors. In the mid 90`s Peter was approached by one of his bookmaker clients and asked whether the firm could provide their alarms and CCTV. They were happy with the service TSI offered and wanted the company to do more for them. TSI gained accreditation with the NSCIA security association, as it then was, for the installation of Intruder Alarms. This enabled the business to be able to offer a full package of services to its` clients from a single provider.

    • 2005 to 2019

      Moving out and ProSync. In 2005, TSI decided to move from Canning Town to its current location in Purfleet. The unit was well located for the M25 and modern in design. Peter decided to step down from the day to day running of the business and passed the baton onto his sons Peter and Paul. TSI continued to live up to their reputation as problem solvers and in 2010 started working on an idea for a new intelligent safe device. This idea eventually became known as ProSync and to quote a well-known member of our team `made a six-sided metal box intelligent` This was and continues to be a great success. Combined with our electrical capability, ProSync allowed us to develop a managed package of services integrating several independent systems. This enabled us to increase the security and knowledge of what was happening across an entire site or company estate.

    • 2020 and beyond

      Perpetual innovation. At TSI we know that the world continues to evolve and that we adapt to stay relevant. We gained BAFE accreditation, adding fire to our extensive portfolio. New products are in the pipeline and ProSync has undergone a major revamp to adapt to the challenges that a cashless society brings. Values from the past are still as important today, the need to build and maintain relationships and the conviction to offer the best solution for the client will always be part of our DNA.