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    We will work with you to devise a security system for the most important place of all- your home.

    One business delivering a full solution

    Our Residential Approach

    Being assured that your family and possessions are safe can never be overstated. From the most hidden space in your home to the most exposed, we will protect everything you value with a system that meets your security needs and aesthetic wishes.

    The lock with the highest IQ on the market. At the slightest interference with your safe, ProSync will warn the our 24-hour monitoring service, who will then act as per your specific requests. Suspicious activity can be verified and acted upon in real time for an instant response – to prevent an incident, or minimise damage and loss to your property and valuables. ProSync never sleeps so you can.

    Nothing comes before the safety of you and your family. Our intruder alarm systems offer the most extensive protection available and can be adapted to the fabric of your home for the stylish appearance you want.

    Protecting your home all the time can be a strain which is why we’ll do it for you. Our CCTV cameras can be as discreet or visible as you want. Clear, sharp HD images linked with the ability to remote montor your system enables us to externally monitor your home and take swift preventative action should a trespass occur.

    Speaking to and controlling the entry to someone you can see at the end of your drive or at the front door is a great asset to your domestic security. Our video entry systems provide you with that and much more.

    In rare cases, there will be a need to retreat to a safe zone when under threat. In addition to a security door, we can provide reinforced windows and walls, access to water and fire suppression capability. 

    Our fully certificated and compliant fire alarm systems protect the lives of you and your family, your home and its contents, with some of the most reliable early fire detection technology on the market.

    Our bespoke doors are made with the finest craftsmanship and attention to detail. We will create the exact look you want for the front of your home with the hidden properties of a first-rate security barrier.

    Our luxury safes are made with the finest craftsmanship to ensure your most precious things are secured. We tailor everything to your specifications, from the safe’s interior fittings to its exterior look, while meeting the conditions of your insurer.

    Service & Support

    At TSI we understand that dealing with several different individuals from the same organisation can be stressful and time-consuming. As a residence customer you can be assured that your security service and ongoing support will be managed by a dedicated member of staff who will know you, your security concerns, and products inside and out.  Most importantly, we understand that this is your home and your family’s security and we will adapt our service and support to fit around your needs.  

    • ‘I just wanted to send a note to say thank you for all your assistance and collaboration with the purchase and installation of the new safe.  The guys who delivered were very nice and helpful and John did a wonderful job by answering all my questions and giving me guidance on how to deal with the monitoring service if needed.  I am very happy.’

      Private Client Personal Assistant

    • ‘Just wanted to say thank you very much, installation was on time, super quick and now we have a safe and secure place to put our goods! I really appreciated the anonymity of the service and it was good to see that the vehicle wasn’t plastered with company branding!’

      Private Client

    • ‘I’ve been involved with HNW insurance for over 30 years. I would always use Mike Cripps. He’s very knowledgeable knows the safe industry and products inside out but perhaps more importantly he is wonderful with clients. He immediately puts them at ease, has a great personality and makes the whole transaction simple and painless. He gives great client service!’

      Julie Webb BA (Hons) Dip CII, Client and Risk Director, Lark Insurance

    • ‘I have worked with and recommended TSI for many years. Their technical knowledge is outstanding and their service consistently excellent. TSI listen to the needs of the customer and offer appropriately designed, often bespoke, security solutions. Offering a range of high-quality products TSI have built an enviable reputation.’

      Stephen Wilkinson, Risk Manager, Private Clients XL Catlin Services SE AXA XL, a division of AXA

    • ‘The purpose of this email is simply to acknowledge the excellent service that has been provided by both Mike Cripps and John Whitty. Mike was as efficient as always in earlier discussions and John, alongside the installation team, were punctual, efficient, and respectful to the property. It was a delight to work with people who did what they said they were going to do, in the time that they said it was going to take !!’

      Private Client

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