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    At TSI we're completely different

    Innovation and design

    Ever since our founder Peter Terry developed one of the first anti hold-up devices we have built a reputation for out-of-the-box creativity. TSI is the company clients turn to when an answer to their problem doesn’t exist yet. Our passion for innovation has continued, most recently demonstrated by our pioneering ProSync safe locking device. Using the latest cloud-based technology, ProSync eradicated a range of security issues our clients were having and even some they hadn’t realised they were having!

    It's about the overall solution

    A lot of security companies are tied to a limited range of services and suppliers. This means that they don’t always recommend the most appropriate solution – just the one that they are able to provide. At TSI we are able to provide a full range of services – from CCTV, to access control to safes and much, much more. That way we can devise a solution from scratch that meets your exact requirements.

    Tailored to your needs

    Every property and business is different, which is why our approach is always the same. We’ll conduct a thorough assessment to understand your specific requirements. Because we provide a full range of both physical and electronic security services we won’t ever cut corners, modifying a solution to a limited range of products. The client’s needs is always our starting point, which is why everyone we work with receives a bespoke solution built around them.

    We take the stress out of security

    Security is a serious business but it doesn’t need to be stressful. We offer a full, holistic security solutions so you only have to talk to one company. You won’t need to waste your time coordinating between various security installers. We will discuss your requirements with your insurance provider so all parties are fully aware of what is being proposed and that it meets your needs. Our tailor-made after sales service packages mean we are always on hand for advice and support when needed.

    We have a wealth of experience

    With three generations of family having worked in the business, there isn’t much we haven’t seen! But we’ve always taken the attitude that even the trickiest of problems is an opportunity. Which is why we’ve maintained our reputation for always finding the solution. Because we’re one of the few companies who specialise in both electronic and physical security we’re always able to provide the right solution based around your needs and not a specific product.

    We think differently

    One of the reasons our clients have stuck with us for decades is because we’re always thinking differently. We’ve built our reputation on creating a solution for a specific security or business problem, rather than trying to shoehorn an inappropriate solution or product to try and solve a client’s need. This means we sometimes create extra work for ourselves and take a slightly different approach to what our client’s were expecting. But the results always speak for themselves.


    NSI Gold accredited for Fire and Electrical Security and holders of ISO9001 in Quality
    Management ensures our clientele receive exceptional service and peace of mind
    from using a fully compliant company. 

    NSI Electronic Security Systems Nacoss Gold Certificate 

    NSI Fire Systems Fire Gold Certificate


    Safe Contractor




    Demonstrating our commitment to employee and clients Health and Safety. 





    Compiles to strict standards with Fire Design, Installation and Maintenance.