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    How To Deal With Access Control For A Building With Different Companies On Different Floors

    Jason, how would you deal with a multi-floored office, with different companies on each floor, with people coming and going at different times of the day?

    It’s quite straightforward. Access control can be set up in a number of different ways. Each floor can have their own control of their own system.

    You can set up different time profiles, so the person on floor one might have different opening times to the people on floor two and so forth, so they can each have their own access times.

    We would assign each member of staff specifically to each floor that they’re allowed on. That way no one can use their card to gain access floors they should not be on. So it’s simply one card per person to get them into just their specific floor or areas within the building.

    The other option you’ve got is to put access control on the lifts. So if I’m allowed to work on floor one, I could literally get in the lift, present my token and my token would only enable button #1 for me to push to go to the first floor. If I tried to push any of the others, it wouldn’t let me.

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