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    Building Trust – Why a one-off encounter with TSI can turn into a long-term business relationship

    No one likes a pushy salesman. There’s nothing worse than walking away from a transaction feeling you’ve not been listened to and the salesman was more interested in boosting their commission than solving your particular issue.

    But that’s never a complaint we’ve had from our customers. For decades TSI has been creating innovative solutions to clients’ security needs – rather than trying to sell them a safe or an alarm system that we make the most money out of.

    Our CEO, Peter says: “We have always tried to ensure whatever service we provide, specifically addresses the problem. Often it is a combination of product or services, but the focus is always on the right solution”.

    And this bespoke problem-solving approach has enabled us to grow from a small shed on Woolwich docks to one of the UK’s biggest security providers.

    Bespoke solutions to tricky problems
    It’s our reputation for innovation and perfection, not an aggressive approach to marketing and sales that has enabled us to gain new business. A client contacts us about a problem they are having, we meet with them, get our thinking caps on and come back with precisely what they need.

    For example, we first started working with the bookmakers Coral back in the 1970s. They came to us because they were losing a substantial amount of takings from hold ups, where staff were being forced to open safes by armed robbers. So, we invented the first small-scale time lock and reduced Coral’s losses by 38%.

    Word spread throughout the gambling industry and soon we had other bookmakers asking us to help reduce their losses.

    This is how we’ve grown the business ever since – a customer comes to us with a problem, we solve it, and not only do they come back to us again and again but they also recommend us to others in their industry and beyond.

    Reputation for innovation
    As our reputation has spread, we’ve provided bespoke security solutions to every type of industry in every type of premises. We’ve worked with high-end jewellers, restaurants and pubs, high net-worth individuals, corporate offices and International Embassies. And every one of those comes with its individual challenges.

    For example, following terrorist threats in the 1970s we were asked to bolster the security for an Embassy in Belgravia. But this area of London is a listed historical conservation area. We had to find a way to make a 19th Century building fit to withstand a terrorist attack without altering its appearance. The doors we created were four inches thick, so we also had to build sub frames for the walls that supported the weight but blended in with the décor. We did this by sourcing a particular type of timber that was able to absorb bullets.

    Cutting edge technology
    Nowadays a lot of our work obviously involves merging our decades long security experience with cutting edge technology. This includes everything from intelligent entry systems to motion detection CCTV, which upload real-time data to the cloud. Peter says, “Part of the challenge is to integrate new technology into tried and tested processes”.

    But our ethos remains the same. We have always been about building a relationship of long-term trust with our clients, rather than making short term profit. When a client comes to us with a problem it’s our job to find the most effective solution.

    We’re not interested in upselling you the latest bit of kit if you don’t need it and we won’t try and force an off the shelf solution on you because it makes our job easier. Which is why our clients, many of them household names, have stuck with us for decades and happily recommend us to other companies.

    A final word from Peter: “We can provide the greatest product ever, but if it is too complicated to use or has a negative impact on how you live it will never work”.

    So, if you want to work with a security systems provider that will provide you with a bespoke solution that exactly meets your needs email us at