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    Creating The Perfect Solution

    “Two heads are better than one”. This famous adage is certainly relevant to the world of security; by combining ideas and drawing from a wide range of resources, we can create better, more effective solutions for all manner of problems. This practice is particularly relevant when it comes to devising the perfect security package. After all, why choose between either physical or electrical security solutions when the best solution combines both?

    At TSI, we pride ourselves upon our multi-faceted approach to security; drawing upon a broad spectrum of electrical and physical security solutions in order to comprehensively address the needs of our clients and safeguard their establishments. Unfortunately, many organisations become too fixated upon implementing a predetermined plan which can be far too reliant upon the use of one product. A dependable security company is one that can remain flexible; anticipating all possible security breaches and proactively devising solutions which can be implemented, mitigating against any threat.

    When it comes to creating these ideal security solutions, a two-pronged approach is required which utilises all the physical and electrical security systems at your disposal. Our fantastic team devise such solutions by communicating directly with our clients; identifying all possible security threats within your premises before building a bespoke security system which addresses to all of your needs and personal preferences.

    This is why our face-to-face visits are so important. Our surveyor will discuss your security needs in person in order to gain a greater knowledge of your home or place of business and its requirements. These types of individually tailored security solutions are far more effective than devising singular, predetermined plans over the phone or via email. Once we have discussed your requirements, we will review all of the areas in question, carrying out an extensive survey in which to suggest the specific physical and electrical security solutions that will best suit your needs.

    Our extensive range of physical security solutions include new safes that are insurance-approved and fully tested before and after installation, our innovative ProSync locking system with 24/7 remote monitoring and customer defined alerts.

    Additional physical security solutions also include highly proficient security glazing and various attack-resistant, ballistic-proof products including security screens, airlocks, shopfronts, counters and display cases. The TSI team also supply and install bespoke vaults, strong-rooms and can construct panic rooms and high security doors with efficient frame mechanisms and locking systems.

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    We work with our clients to implement the correct glazing solutions that will safeguard the perimeter of their premises against thieves. These physical security solutions have been shown to prevent criminals from entering our client’s properties which would have caused devastating property damage, loss of stock and even potentially injured staff. We experienced first-hand why this security is so important in an attempted robbery at the Maunder store, read our case study to find out more. Our glazing solutions will fortify any domestic or commercial property with minimal intrusion to your daily activities. But we don’t stop there. In addition to state of the art physical security solutions we also have a wealth of electrical security systems at our disposal. Our team are NSI Gold approved for installing and servicing intruder alarms, CCTV and access controls, making use of the latest apps and technology to create systems that are more user friendly than ever before. These electrical security solutions can be fitted within domestic properties and commercial buildings of all shapes and sizes.

    Installation of Security

    Our multi-pronged approach doesn’t end upon installation. Instead, our skilled engineers will provide full training for your staff. We remain committed to delivering individually tailored after-sales care so should you have any queries, or require maintenance checks, our team will be available to resolve any issues. Moreover, if you require further advice on product specifications, test certificates or any other aspects of your security package, then we will be ready to help you safeguard your home or business.

    Ultimately, TSI are one of the few security companies who can provide a full range of both electronic and physical products for our clients. We combine the visual deterrent of physical security solutions with the comprehensive surveillance benefits of electrical solutions. The end result is all-encompassing security packages which are designed to protect your premises from all manner of threats.

    This comprehensive and flexible approach to security enables us to offer unbiased solutions which are based around the specific needs of each of our clients. For more information on how our multi-faceted security solutions can benefit you or your business, please do contact the TSI customer service team today for individually tailored advice and support.