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    Do We Think Tech And Not Objective?

    The security industry recently came together for one of its largest annual events, IFSEC. Hundreds of the sector’s leading experts and manufacturers, congregated on Excel-London to promote and demonstrate their latest products and innovations to its ever-increasing visitor numbers. Some of which continued to show, and some of it was breath-taking in its scope and use of latest technology. Many of the solutions on display embraced the latest technologies, including: drones, AI augmented surveillance tools and a large number of cloud-based platforms.

    At trade shows, it’s almost a given that the most impressive technology on display will be way out of the price range of the average consumer and it may be many years before the manufacturing costs come down enough for the products to become realistic security investments.

    Whilst the continued drive to innovate and improve current offerings is fantastic, it did get me thinking…is the industry becoming too obsessed with technology? Shouldn’t the technology we promote (as an industry) be designed to enhance the protection and lives of those who use them and not an unnecessary adoption of a broader technology?

    Don’t get me wrong, innovation and continuous improvements are brilliant and expected, and at TSI we have adopted this approach with many of our own products throughout the years. We firmly believe technology should never substitute the welfare of our clients and we do our utmost to ensure their usability and accessibility remain a priority when devising a practical and innovative solution.

    Combining the old, and the new

    I was incredibly fortunate that way back when I started in the security sector; many people were kind enough to share their insight and experiences of the industry. One of the best pieces of advice I was given was that a multi-layered approach is generally the best way to go: “put physical barriers in place and complement it with electronic technology”.

    The electronic security, in effect, sets off a ticking clock by reporting that an event is taking place or allowing third parties to remotely view and act on what’s happening. The physical barrier makes it harder for them to get to their target, whether it be a safe, reinforced door or security glazing. Working together they combine and create an effective solution against the would-be attacker.

    My concerns are that there is a danger that the industry has become obsessed with the latest technology and look for opportunities to use it, rather than identifying areas of need first and then deciding if, and how, it has a role to play.

    If your security equipment isn’t operating reliably 24/7, it’s not protecting your business – the one job it was created to do. TSI never force unproven technology onto our clients; instead, we focus on delivering solutions that you can trust to protect your business or property all year round with robust technology that is combined with exceptional after-sales support.


    Solutions differ as do people

    Another factor often overlooked in the race for new security innovations is the customer’s freedom and how each client will have a different perception on what feels intrusive or secure to them. At TSI, we understand that a private residence is always a home, which means it should never look, or feel, like a fortress.

    Whilst there are many basics in the security industries that’ll be adopted in most situations (alarms, CCTV and high-grade security-locks), people and clients are different, and each one will come with their own predispositions as to how they want to approach their privacy, freedom and how these integrate into the overall fabric of their environment.

    Alarm Systems by TSI

    Nobody wants to turn a home into a prison, so we have to adapt. Using technology for the sake of it makes this more difficult; whereas going back to the multi-layered approach, you have the ability to adapt different layers to take account of the clients views; whilst enhancing other areas to ensure that the overall objectives are still met.

    We have to keep in mind when specifying new technology that it is there to enhance and not inhibit an individuals’ lifestyle. This isn’t an episode of Big Brother, if technology makes legitimate people uncomfortable, then it probably needs reviewing. Security is there to protect after all! The aim should be to do this as unobtrusively as possible.


    Keeping it simple

    I have seen some great new security products in recent times that are aimed at making life easier for consumers. The ease at which systems can be viewed or managed remotely, often with mobile apps, has, without doubt, improved security products; whilst allowing greater interaction between the client and the system.

    This enhanced level of interaction has undoubtedly benefitted the industry. However, as technology evolves, we must ensure these systems do not elude the minds of the users. Security can be a scary prospect to talk about, and we, as security partners, have to remove the fear and provide solutions which are clear and straightforward to use.

    To confirm, this does not underestimate the ability of consumers; yet when in a moment of panic or crisis, these systems need to provide reassurance and comfort ensuring that the user is completely confident in using their safety measures. Arguably, this will be the primary prohibition of any new technology that is produced.


    Technology and Innovation are good things

    Despite some of the concerns expressed previously, technology and innovations continue to improve the security industry, and we should always look to develop and adapt to the challenges that exist now or those that will be invariably arise in the future. However, we should never allow it to replace our knowledge and skills in ensuring the right solution is always devised for the client.

    As long as technology and innovation is undertaken for a clear and justified benefit and not to demonstrate how clever we are as an industry, then we will continue to improve.

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