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    Why You Don’t Have To Compromise Style When Bolstering Your Security

    Smash and grab raids carried out in broad daylight by moped gangs have dominated the headlines in recent years. Seen as an easy target, incidents of highly organised and heavily armed moped gangs, smashing their way into high-end salons, and swiftly making off on mopeds have risen significantly. Which leaves you, as a luxury salon owner, with a dilemma. Do you maximise the sales potential by having your most exclusive, and expensive, goods on display and run the risk of being the latest victim of a smash and grab raid? Or barricade yourself in with fortifications that are more akin to a Game of Thrones fortress than your luxury retail salon?

    Well, contrary to popular belief you can achieve both aims. Read on to find out how.

    Draw The Customers In And Keep The Raiders Out

    As a salon owner, your priority is making your salon as attractive and welcoming as possible for clients. You don’t want your most eye-catching jewellery hidden behind iron bars and barely seen from the pavement. You want crystal clear glass that shows off your finest products and draws clients in. But you also have to meet the stringent requirement of your insurers.

    However, highly visible security precautions, reminiscent of Fort Knox, can create completely the opposite effect, deterring the very people you want to attract. As Peter Terry, CEO of TSI, says: “It can’t look like a fortress, it’s got to invite people in.” Therefore, the number one priority for TSI is to provide security that not only meets the requirements of the insurance company but perfectly blends in with the aesthetic of the salon.

    Top Of The Class In Glass

    TSI has been at the forefront of security innovation for decades. This is reflected in not only the products that we provide but in the integrated solutions, we devise.  In years gone by the type of glass required by insurers for luxury, stores would have to be 25-40mm thick. This would often require a brand new Salon front, complete with industrial-strength framing. Which isn’t the kind of look that luxury retailers generally go for!

    But as we have said, industrial-strength security no longer requires an industrial aesthetic. P7B glass, for example, is a glass and polycarbonate composition that’s lighter and narrower than other equally tough glazing solutions. Because of its low iron content reflection is minimal, meaning customers have an unobstructed view of the items you have on display. So it’s great for salon fronts and display cabinets, showing off goods in their full splendour.

    But how tough is it? At the risk of getting overly technical, it meets European EN356 standards, which means that it can withstand up to 70 strikes of an axe handle or similar weapon. When we tested the glass ourselves after four and a half minutes of battering, we had to admit defeat, as we were unable to penetrate the glass.

    But what does this mean in reality?  With our decades of experience, we know thieves will typically give up on a heist if they can’t gain access within 30 seconds.

    Keeping Insurers, Planners and Business Owners Happy and Secure

    As a multi-generational family business, we have encountered every kind of security challenge you can imagine. Whether it’s protecting foreign embassies from terrorist attacks or securing luxury jewellers against smash and grab raiders we have created solutions that slow down the most determined criminal. And this is without altering the original look of what is often a listed building.

    We don’t offer off the shelf security solutions, which are then crowbarred into your existing façade. We establish the requirements from your insurer and then work out how this can be achieved without altering the look of your salon’s frontage – and without having to go through the eye-watering bureaucracy of planning. So while we provide a beast of a security system you don’t lose the beauty of your salon. Or as Peter Terry says: “If customer’s don’t know the security’s there, then we’ve done our job.”


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