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    Employee Appreciation: Celebrating the Heroes Behind Our Security Services

    In the world of security services, there are often unsung heroes who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the safety, protection, and productivity of individuals within the company. These individuals play a crucial role in safeguarding our assets, properties, and, most importantly, our peace of mind.

    Amid the hustle and bustle of daily operations, it’s easy to overlook the dedication and hard work of these individuals. However, recognizing and appreciating their efforts not only boosts morale but also reinforces their commitment to excellence.

    Here at TSI, we are so lucky to have staff who will go above and beyond to ensure the company can run to its highest potential.


    Introducing, Graham Thompson:

    Before joining the world of security Graham spent 20-25 years in the fitness and leisure industry. At the age of 17, Graham did a Youth Training Scheme in Sports Management which the government would pay him around £26 a week, whilst also attending college four times a week.

    During this year Graham was sent out on work experience to Apple’s Health Club in Gants Hill. During his time there Graham’s attitude to work and his ability impressed which led him to being offered a job at the Health Club, full time.

    Working his way up the ranks, Graham became Manager of the Health Club, before being headhunted by Epping Forest Country Club where he managed for four years. Whilst working in Epping Forest, Graham got his qualifications to become a Physio, he got these at Highbury with current Arsenal Football Club trainer, Gary Lewin.

    Graham’s infectious personality and generosity showed when he helped one of his friends with his photography company. Graham would become a salesman for his friend and helped him in his stores in Oxford Street and Chelmsford which spanned for 11 years before COVID struck.

    Coming out of COVID, Graham bagged himself a new job at David Lloyd in Gidea Park as one of the gym instructors. During this time, Graham met and became good friends with TSI Director, Paul Terry.

    As time went past, and the two become closer friends Paul noticed that Graham’s morale had dropped since when they first met. Long working hours and a lack of family time forced Graham into looking for a new job, which is when Paul offered him a role at TSI.



    If you work at TSI, I think you can agree the difference that Graham has made in the warehouse has been astronomical since his arrival. Graham is very proud of what he has done to our warehouse space, as he made it a much neater and efficient space for the engineers, visitors and any managers who come down.

    Shelves were added on the walls and were marked to display what each safe was, where they were heading, and who was responsible for each individual safe.

    Right at the front of our area we now have a ‘Car Care’ area, where everyone can top up their windscreen with screen wash, and a chance to top their tyres up with air should they be needing that. Graham is proud of bringing this to TSI as it adds another small dose of Health and Safety, especially for our engineers who spend a long period of their weeks out on the road.

    In the Stock Room each individual piece of equipment is labelled, making it easier for people to grab what they need before heading off. But also, there’ll be kits of equipment ready to go in the need of an emergency.

    Another quality Graham holds is his First Aid qualification which just adds that little bit more organization in the sense that we’re safer, and cleaner in what we do.



    When asked about what is to come, Graham’s simple answer was; “There’s so much to do, I’ve got lots of ideas”

    And that’s Graham. Everyone at TSI knows they can come into work every day and be greeted with a warming smile, and potentially even a Maryland cookie, or KitKat to have with their cup of tea, or coffee.