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    Discover The Secret To Hassle Free Security Installation On Your Next Office Fit Out Project? 

    Discover The Secret To Hassle-Free Security Installation On Your Next Office Fit Out Project

    Jason, there are many stages to a fit out project. How do we ensure that TSI integrates properly with other trades during the process?

    Well, with a job is won, a folder is put together for the installations team. It then gets handed out to the installations manager. He would then obviously look through and make contact with the site foreman on-site, and he’d liaise to arrange the first fix.

    When I say “first fix” I’m talking about our engineers going in, getting cables from point A to point B, getting them in the right locations.

    Once that’s done we’re then usually put offsite for a while, but obviously be available should we need to pop back and move any cables because there’s a wall going in that someone wasn’t aware of, and then we would obviously be back as needed.

    Assuming everything went as originally planned. Steve our installations manager would then liaise with the site foreman to carry out a second fix, which is our engineers would go back, but all the equipment on the walls, get the system up, commissioned, ready for client handover.

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