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    A Brief History of ProSync

    A Brief History of ProSync


    2010, seems such a long time ago, but that was when the idea of ProSync started developing. Back then, cash was plentiful, and safes were being targeted on a regular basis. So much so. that the security team of one of our oldest clients asked us whether there was anything on the market that could stop this happening or at least slow it down. We went away and had a good look and there was nothing we could find that would make a difference. That left us with a choice to carry on and hope things would improve or do something about it and develop our own system, we went for the latter… how hard could it be?


    The answer to that was VERY!



    We knew that we wanted to have a networked system where safes would have the ability to report back if they were under attack. We knew that most attacks involved the safe being removed and we had over 20 years’ experience of developing anti hold up units to fall back on. Luckily the discussions within the business were very inclusive and our electrical department started saying how similar the idea was to access control. We were put in touch with Gendis, who are part of the Paxton Group and gradually over several meetings and discussions, ProSync began to evolve. We built our own central database where all information fed back to and could be interrogated without the need for someone to scan through a printed activity report and try to find suspicious activity. We devised a system where changes and commands could be delivered remotely without the need for a site visit.  In effect, to quote the words of Mike Cripps; “We made a six-sided insert metal box intelligent”.


    The change in mindset from providing a reactive to a proactive lock took some getting used to in the beginning and we will be forever grateful to those who believed in what we were trying to achieve and guided us when necessary on what was important to them.



    2019 So fast forward nine years and ProSync is now an established brand still leading the way with proactive safe management. So why the new development? Well, firstly we feel we can make it better and secondly in the last nine years the market has changed. Who would have thought nine years ago that we would be tapping our phone rather than rummaging through our pockets for loose change? We have less time than ever before; we are using mobile apps and in-house systems to manage a variety of technologies from a single point. A safe that can engage and interact with CCTV systems, alarms, flooding devices and fire devices across a multi-site platform with a customer-specific interface, we believe can raise the level and reputation of ProSync even further.


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