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    Looking Good, Feeling Secure

    What images come to mind when you think of security products?

    Perhaps you’re picturing drab, clunky metal shutters – ugly to look at, and noisy to open and close.

    Or maybe you’re visualising rusty, blocky CCTV cameras, hanging awkwardly off the sides of buildings, sticking out like a sore thumb…

    Old CCTV camera

    You might even be thinking of door entry systems that should have stayed in the 80s. Off-white plastic or grubby silver wall boxes, pea-soup LCD displays and tacky buttons with worn out numbers which have become barely visible.


    But why do security systems seem to have an image problem?

    For one, security manufacturers are so focused on the function of their tech that they sometimes ignore the form altogether. Of course, nobody wants style over substance. Nothing should be more valuable to a business than their client’s security, or to a homeowner the safety of their family, but, we also have to understand that to some, the aesthetics of their home is important, and security must blend into this.

    Secondly, many business owners get talked into settling for off-the-shelf security solutions – which aren’t specifically designed for their individual needs and particular business premises. The result is generic equipment, which clashes with modern architectural design and pleases nobody.

    And finally, many security gadgets do not reflect the current contemporary aesthetics. Instead, old security gadgets are relics of design trends from decades past, and they’re usually bulkier to fit all the necessary component(s). Implying, design and security aren’t aligned.


    Obtrusive tech doesn’t work

    The fact of the matter is that whilst people may want to feel secure, they might not necessarily want to see the harness.

    Take the glass used in shop storefronts as an example. Shop owners want to know their products are safe, but at the same time, they don’t want customers competing with their reflections to view what’s on offer. Similarly, they want their merchandise to be seen as it’s meant to be seen, and so don’t welcome any tint or shade left by some security window film or glazing.

    Using the latest tech and best innovative design a solution can be made that fits all needs. A strong, secure storefront that looks the part and paints products on the inside in their best light.

    An example of security glazing done right came from one of our own luxury brand clients, Maunder Watch Co. The watch dealership became subject to an attempted raid, whilst individuals persisted in attacking the storefront with an axe in order to gain access to the products on display.

    The storefront, however, was fitted with high-security P7b glazing, which meant attackers were unable to penetrate the glass, forcing them to flee from the scene empty-handed.

    The future of the security industry lies in sleek, easy on the eye, inconspicuous equipment that doesn’t detract from any products on display but gives business owners peace of mind and any potential attackers a hard time.


    It doesn’t have to be ugly, or intrusive

    Modern security solutions are not only more technologically advanced compared to the old-school equivalents, but they are also invented and developed by designers for today’s demands. The results mean we get the smaller, sleeker, less obtrusive tech we’re all after.

    Take CCTV, for example. Today’s security cameras are small and low-key, yet they still capture full video footage at a far higher resolution than their boxy ancestors. If planned properly, CCTV will cover all areas needed whilst taking away a very minimal amount from the aesthetics of your business or home.

    Security doors don’t have to be hideous steel barriers either. All the essential security can be concealed within the middle of doors, allowing for decorative features which match the existing aesthetics of the space to sit on the outside. Alternatively, security can be fitted around the existing framework, so as not to take anything away from the feel of your property.  Panic rooms and secure storage areas can remain hidden in plain sight behind the standard; unassuming doors.

    Access control systems can be beautiful too, and there’s now an array of options available on the market. Out with tacky grey buzzers and in with stylish interfaces that will make a great first impression for visiting clients and partners.


    TSI’s approach

     “Security should never impact on the customer experience” – Peter Terry CEO.

    TSI strongly believe that robust security and stunning design should go hand in hand. That’s why our team develops tailored solutions from the ground up in collaboration with our clients. We provide unique technology that not only combats security threats but also blends in seamlessly with architectural design.

    We promise never to sell you the off-the-shelf option for the sake of it. Instead, we dedicate ourselves to new & innovative designs when creating each one of our bespoke security solutions.

    We understand that no client is the same and that each will have their own style and preferences when it comes to creating the security solution for their home or business. We assure that each one of our clients will receive up-to-date security solutions that both look and play the part that they expect.

    Our trusted experts offer a complete site inspection and face-to-face meeting to discuss your company’s security requirements. Similarly, our experts can visit the homes of our private clientele to provide inspection and discussion.


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