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    Maunder Case Study

    At TSI we have for a long time been championing the need for quality security glazing for shopfronts as part of an overall security solution. The current nature of attacks means this is more relevant than ever. The effectiveness of this strategy was demonstrated recently when one of our luxury brand clients Maunder Watch Co. became the subject of an attempted raid.

    The incident occurred at a weekend in a busy town centre in full view of members of the public going about their daily business. Two individuals were seen attempting to firstly force the door and then attacking the shopfront glazing with axes. Unbeknown to them, the door and shopfront were fitted with high security P7b glazing as opposed to the conventional glazing used in the majority of shopfront windows. As a consequence, despite a sustained attack, they were unable to penetrate the glass and fled the scene empty handed.

    Whilst the glazing was resisting the attack, other parts of the security solution were kicking into action. Panic buttons were triggered which as well as setting off the intruder alarm also interacted with the shutters causing them to lower and create a secondary barrier protecting both staff and merchandise. The event itself was also captured by the latest CCTV technology.

    As a result, two people were later arrested by local authorities and as part of their ongoing enquiry the police are appealing to witnesses to come forward.

    Mike Cripps, TSI’s Private Client & Insurance Liaison Manager, commented “TSI are delighted that the security solution provided to Maunder Watches worked exactly as planned. We have long believed that our experience and knowledge of both physical and electrical security products allows us to work with the clients to create a bespoke solution best suited for their business.”

    Oscar Maunder, Managing Director of Maunder Watch Co., said “As a specialist store dealing with luxury watches, it is vital that we protect both our staff and stock, but in such a way as to not impact on how we interact with our clients. We are delighted that the raid was unsuccessful and believe this will act as a deterrent to others in the future.”

    Despite this successfully foiled robbery attempt, our TSI team are not complacent and remain vigilant in our efforts to safeguard our clients and their assets. Sadly such incidents continue to take place and it is vital we continue to be aware of the latest crime trends as well as the latest technology available in order to continue to provide our clients with the best possible overall solution to their needs.