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    The Harsh Reality Of Retail Sector Security

    The British Retail Consortium emphasised the need for adequate security systems after reporting 115 employees are attacked in retail stores every day.

    Their report also highlights losses arising from customer theft increased by 31%, year on year (between 1 April 2017 and 31 March 2018). However, the BRC has revealed that investment in crime prevention by retailers has only risen by 0.5% during the same period.

    With crime costing the retail industry £1.9bn in total, the BRC has also reported an increase in the severity of crime with weapons, particularly knives, posing a more significant threat than before.

    The BRC said the most worrying triggers for violence were:

    Significant Threat

    The retail industry body said it recorded just over 42,000 violent incidents for the year to the 31 March 2018, an average of 115 every day. The respondents to its survey control 11,000 stores with sales of £103bn, equating to just under one-third of the retail market.

    What the BRC says

    Helen Dickinson OBE, Chief Executive of the British Retail Consortium, emphasised the importance of CCTV in reducing retail crime and praised the latest technological developments.

    She said: “We’ve all become comfortable with fixed CCTV systems, and most of us would now be more concerned to shop in a store which doesn’t have them than one that does.”

    What TSI says

    “The security industry needs to offer solutions that can enhance staff safety within the workplace proactively.” – Peter Terry CEO.

    Advances in technology mean that modern CCTV systems offer ever-increasing levels of performance and the ability to enhance staff security. The ease of remote accessibility gives increased flexibility and benefits. TSI embrace these practices but critically retain the values of carrying out a quality survey. We always take the time needed to define the key objectives of a system before moving forward. It is never a case of force fitting an off the shelf solution, the solution must meet the security and commercial objectives of the store.


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