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    Are Your Clients Safes Fit For Purpose In The 21st Century

    Innovation is integral to the security sector in staying one step ahead of criminals. While CCTV and access control systems have met these challenges, with technology such as facial recognition, biometrics and motion detection, the same can’t exactly be said for safes.

    Yes, there have been some developments in how safes are engineered, including biometric and electronic locking mechanisms, but that is where the innovation ends. Arguably they haven’t really evolved since British inventors John Tann and the Chubb brothers developed their respective safes in the early 19th century.

    A safe is purely an inert object that is designed to protect valuables and keep thieves out. There isn’t a great deal of intelligence behind it.

    Are safes as secure as they should be?

    Unfortunately, as quickly as safe manufacturers innovate, criminals aren’t far behind –quickly developing methods of getting around the most up to date locking technology. But as well as thieves becoming more sophisticated, a more recent phenomenon has emerged.

    At TSI we are increasingly seeing safes that are either not secured properly (for example glued to a wooden floor, rather than bolted to a concrete one) and in many cases are light enough to be carried away from the property. This gives thieves the opportunity to take the safe to a secure location and use all manner of methods to access the safe at their leisure – whether that’s using power drills or a blowtorch.

    It doesn’t matter how advanced a locking system is when a determined criminal has a significant amount of time on their side, and the appropriate tools at their disposal, there is only going to be one outcome.

    What if safes were smarter?

    But what if safes were more intelligent?  What if as well as providing a barrier between your clients’ valuables and a burglar, they could also provide real-time information to the client, to a central monitoring system or key holder?

    What if their safe could alert them and a monitoring station to unusual activity, such as someone trying to access the safe at an unexpected time – whether the client is on holiday or fast asleep in the early hours of the morning?

    What if their safe could alert them and a monitoring station to the smallest movement – whether that was an indication of it being attacked with a power tool or being removed from the property?

    What if your client could enter a code that opens the safe but indicates to a monitoring station that they are doing so under duress?

    What if the safe could be tracked if it was removed from the property?

    How TSI has used technology to make safes safer

    At TSI we have created the ProSync locking system that can perform all these tasks and more. Using the Cloud your client can receive real-time information on all safe activity complete with immediate text, email or phone alerts if any unusual activity is detected.

    ProSync also provides complete flexibility. For example, if your client needs access to important documents contained in the safe but are unable to get to the safe themselves, they can grant temporary access to a trusted friend or member of staff. Once the client has received the information they need, and the documents have been returned to the safe, this access can be revoked.

    If that member of staff or friend turns out to be not quite as trustworthy as your client thought, they would receive an alert to say that someone had attempted to access the safe on a further occasion with that temporary code.

    In the event that someone breaks into the home and forces your client to open the safe, a duress code can be entered that opens the safe but alerts the monitoring system that a serious crime is taking place. And in the event that thieves successfully remove the safe from the property, it can immediately be tracked.

    Mike Cripps, TSI’s Private Client & Insurance Liaison Manager, says: “What does ProSync give you? It gives you intelligence and it gives you that extra protection. Even if the client hasn’t set the home intruder alarm, ProSync is always active and monitoring and feeding real-time information. If the safe is, God forbid, stolen from the house, it’s trackable. Every movement, everything that’s going on with the safe is being recorded.”


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