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    Does Your Security Installation Company Handover The System Properly?

    Does Your Security Installation Company Handover The System Properly

    Jason, when we work with fit-out company, quite often, the security system is reasonably complicated. How do we, as TSI, ensure that the end-user is familiar with the system from day one?

    Well, due to the fact that every system is different, we would, at the end of any project, our installations manager will liaise with the site foreman to arrange a meeting for the end-user. At this stage, we would send our senior commission engineer to site, who would then do a full system demonstration on every aspect of the security we have installed. Whether that be access control, CCTV, Intruder Alarm. They will explain how to set, how to unset, the procedures to follow if the alarm triggers and what needs to be done following an event depends.

    With regards to access control, they would explain to them how to set time profiles, delete users, add users, edit the access control system as a whole and with the CCTV, they would show them obviously, most importantly, how to send footage by email, how to view footage, how to set up the system to do whatever they needed to do.

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