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    Sleek Security. Innovating Security Doors from the inside out.

    Everywhere you look, the world is evolving. Our industry is no different.

    When you think of traditional security doors, you think of bulky steel unsightly industrial looking barriers that detract from the aesthetics of a space. However, advancements in technology and design have given rise to a new era of security solutions that seamlessly blend functionality with modern style.

    To the untrained eye, our doors look no different to any high-quality timber finished door and frame but contained within is high security structure and multiple locking concealed within the fabric of the door.


    So, what makes up the key features of a security door? 

    High-strength materials such as reinforced steel, aluminium alloys, and impact-resistant glass. 

    These materials are engineered to withstand forceful impacts. Additionally, sleek security doors often incorporate multi-point locking systems on all 4 sides into a reinforced steel frame, further enhancing their resistance to forced entry.

    Every door and surrounding architraves are produced bespoke.

    If you have a design or finish in mind our surveyor can help you create the appearance you require, without compromising strength or security.

    Full drawings can be produced in advance to ensure you get full overview of what is to be manufactured.

    Attention to detail is key.

    Paintwork finishes can match any high-end paint suppliers, solid timber or veneered panels and architraves are also optional. 

    Fittings are carefully selected to blend with the home and surrounding area. The finish on the doors is of the highest quality using high quality materials for an excellent long-lasting appearance.