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    The Future Of Safes and Cash

    In today’s technologically advanced society, the advent of online banking, mobile banking apps and contactless cards means that it has never been easier to carry out cashless financial transactions. In fact, according to the UK Cards Association, over 108 million contactless cards had been issued in the United Kingdom as of April 2017. Moreover, there are currently over 491,000 bank-owned terminals in the UK where cardholders can make a contactless transaction. This is a 33.5% increase over the past year.

    When you consider this ever-evolving landscape of financial transactions, it is important to ask; how do security companies adapt in reaction to the new challenges posed by these new payment methods? Given that traditional organisations who accept cash must continuously adapt to accept a greater number of contactless and digital payments, it is unclear whether safes in their current form will still be relevant in the years to come.

    After all, as more and more individuals rely upon contactless cards and online banking for their financial transactions, the need to store large sums of cash in safes becomes less relevant. Consequently, we can predict that safes will be used predominantly for storing jewellery, collectibles and other tangible valuables.


    Contactless Payments

    In these instances, safe manufacturers need to focus upon providing their clients with products that are more technologically proficient and suitable for the modern cashless user. At TSI we recognise the importance of these innovations and endeavour to critically retain the traditional values of security and control with regards to an increasingly cashless society. Our team always take the time to discuss our clients’ needs, identify their key concerns and implement bespoke solutions which offer the maximum security protection with minimal intrusion to their daily lives. The ever-evolving future of safes and cashless transactions means that we are continuously adapting our security solutions in which to equip our clients with increasing levels of performance and quality.

    For instance, we continue to install our innovative ProSync locking systems for our Private and Commercial clients. ProSync has been specifically developed with the challenges of our technologically integrated society in mind. Unlike a conventional safe, ProSync locking systems equip our clients with 24/7 remote monitoring and customer defined alert systems which proves ideal for multi-site businesses that need to check-in on their safe’s status at any moment. Whenever and wherever you want to receive real-time information on all safe activity, our centrally managed ProSync system will send you immediate text and email alerts for complete peace of mind from the comfort of your desk.

    One significant feature of ProSync is its adaptability; it can be retrofitted to your existing personal or commercial safes as well as ATMs to deliver proactive protection against both external and internal theft. Users can access all their own data at any given time; extracting single or multi-site reports in an instant. As modern life becomes increasingly cashless, our ProSync systems show us a glimpse of the safes of the future; integrating themselves with other technologies in order to suit the individual security needs of our clients.

    In this manner, the TSI team continues to apply 21st century technological innovations to existing, tried and tested, security methods. In doing so, we have enhanced a conventional product and equipped our clients with a centrally managed security system. Equipping yourself with these proactive security solutions will enable you or your business to adapt and secure your assets in an increasingly contactless, digital landscape.

    Newly emerging consumer technologies will always drive the actions of the security world. However, with the proactive approach of our team, you can rest assured that your personal and professional assets will remain safe and secure at all times. If you would like to start benefiting from these adaptive security systems then please contact the TSI team today to discover how our bespoke security solutions can help safeguard your premises now and for many years to come.