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    3 Tips To Help You Relax And Unwind On Holiday

    Relax and unwind! You don’t want to have to worry about anything while you are on holiday

    Here are TSI’s top tips to help keep your property safe so you can relax and enjoy your holiday.


    1. Ensure everything is locked, secure and ‘safe’.

    This may seem obvious, but we’ve all experienced that heart-in-mouth moment where we have a last-minute panic at the airport or wake with a start in the night convinced we’ve left a window or door unlocked.

    We would suggest making a holiday checklist and leaving 10 mins before you rush out the door to check you have locked all doors, windows and gates.  Don’t forget any garages, sheds or outbuildings, particularly those that may house expensive items like tools or bikes.

    If you have valuable pieces of jewellery, make sure they are in a safe! TSI have access to a number of different bespoke safe options to suit you, your needs and your property.

    Finally, if you keep a spare key hidden in a secret location place it in a key safe, the first place an intruder will look is under the doormat or flowerpot.


    2. Give the illusion your home is occupied

    The garbage bins being left out on the pavement for a week or two are a sure sign that you are aware. Where possible, ask a neighbour or friend to move them for you.

    Cancel any regular deliveries, such as milk or newspapers, and consider investing in Royal Mail’s Keepsafe service which means your mail will be held until you return rather than piling up on your doormat advertising your absence.

    Alternatively, you might consider having someone move into your home while you’re away. This might be a friend or a professional home sitting service such as which can look after your home and any pets.

    Timer plugs that switch lights on and off at certain times will also give the illusion that the house is occupied.

    We would suggest you don’t advertise that you are away from home by ‘checking-in’, posting updates, tags or holiday pics on social media. Save this for when you get home.


    3. Invest in home security

    TSI have access to a vast range of technology designed for home security which will act as a deterrent to burglars.

    Intruder alarms range in sophistication from dummy boxes situated in a prominent location of a home, to bells only alarms to those with extensive sensors and links to security response firms. TSI can fit intruder alarms that link to our secure monitoring service who can advise key holders or Police response

    CCTV cameras and security lighting are also available for a range of budgets and are a good visual deterrent as well as offering a useful way to record evidence of any break-in.

    Some modern smart camera systems are triggered by motion sensors and can send alerts to your mobile phone anywhere in the world. These systems have become more sophisticated far user-friendly in recent years and are certainly worth a look into to protect your property and valuables.

    Door and window locks are the most basic requirement of home security but they should be substantial enough to protect your property from forced entry. Window locks mean the thief would have to smash the window, which many are reluctant to do as the noise attracts unwanted attention. Door locks are only as good as the door and its frame so give consideration to their condition.  TSI can provide security doors that look just like any other door so they are in keeping with your home.

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