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    What Are The Next Threats For The Security Industry To Face?

    With a constantly evolving world, we face forever evolving threats.

    Social and lifestyle changes mean that criminals are always looking for the next opportunity to gain the upper hand on potential targets, so the security industry must stay adaptable and proactive to keep their advantage and not be caught out by surprise.

    Which begs us to ask, how will the threats we face on a day-to-day basis change over the coming years, and what threats are emerging today which TSI are providing solutions for?


    Where are all the police going?

    Businesses that exist in the modern era are in danger of many security threats. Whether you’re responsible for a hospital, school, university or other business, it is your duty to keep your buildings, and those within them safe.

    Of course, business owners shouldn’t be left alone to fight this battle and should be able to rely on other organisations such as local police forces to share their task with them.

    However, the police force within the UK is falling drastically, dropping by 20,000 in the last 8 years.

    With the presence of outside help set to reduce even further in years to come, criminals may view this as the perfect opportunity to target businesses. Owners should therefore be on the lookout for new ways to keep their premises secure.


    How can you protect your business?

    Access control is the key to keeping your business and those within it safe. With new advancements in technology, it could prove pivotal for the future security of your establishment.

    Many access control systems are now becoming cloud-based. This means the system can be managed anywhere in the world, so long as there is a stable internet connection. As they can be controlled remotely, these new systems are perfect for unmanned sites where access control hasn’t been an option, or even considered in the past.

    The cloud-based tech means that there is no manual backup needed either, meaning there should be no worries of potential server failure, providing extra peace-of-mind to business owners.

    With the ability to have multiple sites as well as multiple users it is highly flexible, and could be the future to securing your business.


    Cash flow

    Physical cash payments have reduced significantly over recent years and is still continuing to fall. This plummet in the physical currency will leave criminals having to look for alternative methods to make quick, easy cash.

    One utility that could be under threat is medicine. A lot of prescription drugs are highly valuable and so pharmacies, hospitals and veterinary practices, amongst other areas, could be under increasing threat as the use of cash continues to fall.

    Just this year, teenagers were arrested following the burglaries of two pharmacies in their local area. There have been countless other crimes committed in pharmacies over the last couple of years, with West Yorkshire alone reporting 1,096 incidents including: burglary, shoplifting and arson.

    Incidents like these are only likely to increase in the not so distant future, putting more and more pressure on both medical centres and the security industry.


    What can you do to protect your merchandise?

    One solution which could help combat this rising threat is the installation of ProSync safes to hold valuable supplies within medical centres.

    ProSync safes offer real-time monitoring, so that suspicious activity (such as incorrect pin entries) can be monitored and reviewed immediately. Also fitted with tilt/vibration devices, the safes are aware of any movement they take; again, with real-time alerts back to a central database.

    ProSync is also adapting further to face future threats, and will soon become cloud-based. This means the system will be more scalable and responsive, able to differentiate between attacks and false activations and far more user-friendly.

    Could this be the solution pharmacies, veterinary practices and hospitals are looking for to protect their possessions in the future?


    Back to the 70s

    In an age of cybercrime where a criminal’s favourite choice of weapon is their laptop, it’s hard to imagine a time when high street businesses would be held at gunpoint by men with balaclavas and sacks of cash strung over each shoulder.

    But could this fashion (alongside other attacking trends) be set to make a comeback, and if so what can the security industry do to combat the threat?

    Gone are the days of a 9-5 business hours on the high street. Some businesses are now open as late as 10pm, with many surpassing even that. These long hours mean criminals could be given more opportunity to target stores.

    Afterall, whilst a bustling town centre in the middle of the day might deter potential criminals from plying their trade, a deserted one in the middle of the night may provide them with the advantage they need.


    What can you do to protect your stores?

    Strong security glass and glazing should be any shop owners first line of defence against potential attackers. Able to withstand extreme levels of force, it could be the difference between criminals leaving with the best products you have on display, or nothing to show. How embarrassing!

    Add to this security masterclass with the use of security fogging. Triggered manually or automatically. This solution is suitable whether the premises is empty or in operation. When empty, and your alarm picks up a security breach, the fog will activate. Alternatively, a member of staff from inside the building can trigger the response.

    Finally, and if attackers aren’t put off already, panic alarms can be fitted to provide 24/7 support. With the click of a button, they can alert nearby police both quickly and discreetly. Extremely effective, and a fan-favourite amongst employees.


    TSI’s approach

    At TSI we recognise that the threats we face within the security industry are constantly evolving, and we understand that to provide successful services we too have to constantly innovate.

    Using the latest and best technology on offer, we provide tailored security solutions to each one of our clients, whilst embracing the challenges thrown at us and staying aware.

    We have a portfolio of solutions available which we use to help combat potential current and future threats to our clients. CCTV, security doors, intruder alarms, ProSync safes, smart locks and security glazing are just a number of aspects that can make up the solutions on offer to you.

    We also have our own answer to cutting-edge access control systems soon to launch, named ProCtrl.

    We pride ourselves on our communication and after sales support, which means we’re with you every step of the way, even after the installation.


    What challenges do you face?

    We would love to hear from you!

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