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    Access Control

    Access control is designed to do what it says. How and why is where TSI can add both value and benefit to your business. Whether to control the movement of people around your property or to prevent access to sensitive areas, we can provide the most practical and relevant advice for your business.


    Businesses that incur a high turnover of staff are often having to pay for new cards or fobs where existing are not returned. However the increased used of biometric, QR codes, Bluetooth and facial recognition mean that there are now more flexible and cost effective solutions on how to operate your access control systems


    The traditional 9-5 working arrangement is no more and lone working late at night can create greater risk for both the member of staff and the business. Flexible access control can enable the staff member or business to activate the access control to operate at certain times of the day, protecting both the business and the individual.


    More access control is now being hosted within the cloud. These can be managed anywhere from either a desktop or mobile device and are easier to use, providing added convenience, security and affordability.

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