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    The role CCTV plays in day to day business has both expanded and evolved in recent years. It now plays not only a role in protecting assets and staff, but also allows you to view activity remotely and assist your business activity. People counting and heat mapping cameras are also playing an increasing role, turning a traditional security product into a more valuable business tool.


    Our systems are individually designed to meet the needs of your business, from licensing to insurance requirements, from security to marketing. Each camera and location has a purpose and recordings have appropriate clarity and are set for the required number of days.


    People counting and heat mapping cameras give you greater insight of how your customers interact with your business. Understanding traffic flow, where people congregate, volumes of visitors and peak times can help maximise efficiencies within your company.

    Remote Accessibility

    The ability to review incidents remotely means that action can be taken quicker and protect the business against losses or possible claims made against them. Systems are designed to enable the easy download or saving of footage, whether for internal investigation or to pass to the relevant authorities.

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