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    Fire Alarms

    The welfare of your staff and safety of your assets and premises is of paramount importance, which means a fire alarm system that is carefully designed for your business environment. We will also ensure the alarm is compliant and is installed to the correct standards. Your business is protected and you have peace of mind.

    At TSI we offer installation and maintenance of:
    Fire alarms
    Emergency voice communication systems
    Emergency lighting
    Fire extinguishers
    Evacuation alert systems


    Every system is approved by our own qualified fire design manager. They will assess your business and install a fire alarm that meets the Fire Industry Association standard (BS5839) and satisfies the needs of your business.


    We are fully NSI Gold BAFE accredited for the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire alarms. Our systems are fully certificated and compliant to provide peace of mind and can be linked to our alarm receiving centre to provide brigade response where necessary.


    Commercial fire alarms often need to be more robust and hardwearing due to the nature of the business. Any fire alarm has to be compliant, but we build our commercial fire alarms to withstand the day to day environment it operates in. We are able to provide a wide range of suitable devices and are confident we can satisfy your needs without compromising on safety.

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