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    Intruder Alarms

    We take the time to ask questions and understand more about the nature of your business and how you operate. Then we design the system that best addresses this. Protection against intruders means keeping staff and customers out of harm’s way, as well as protecting assets when the business is closed. As an NSI Gold approved company, we are qualified to provide the very best centralised monitoring and police-response service.

    Some of the benefits of Intruder Alarms

    Instant Notification

    Happy and confident staff are vital to any workplace. It can be reassuring for staff to know they can access a personal security alarm when under threat. An activated panic button will instantly notify our alarm receiving centre who will then act upon predesignated instructions from yourselves.


    Our commercial alarms are designed to be both durable and simple for your staff to operate. Users can easily be added or removed to ensure that only those with permission can set or unset your system.


    We can provide detailed daily reports for your perusal. These can inform you when alarms were set and unset, or they can provide alerts to you head office of any sites that have not had their alarms set. It can also provide incident reports should any investigations be necessary.

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