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    ProSync is a centralised, real time lock monitoring device that can be configured to monitor for any activity that you deem suspicious across your business estate 24/7. This information can then be actioned either in real time or sent in the form of a report by our monitoring centre.

    Remote Audits

    Investigations can be complicated when trying to audit safe activity and often information gained is inconclusive or compromised. ProSync transmits all activity instantly to the cloud, allowing all information to be accessed whether information on safe attacks or internal issues such as doors left open or agreed processes not being followed.

    Remote Allocation

    Adding or deleting users to any site can be done remotely without the need for a site visit. Temporary users can be set up and have a time window for auto expiry preventing the risk of compromising codes. Staff under investigation can be suspended from access to the safe. Staff audit reports also allow you to check who still has access and compare it with payroll to ensure only current staff have access to your safes.


    ProSync can provide both security and area managers with valuable information without the need to visit site. Reports can be configured from everything from how long doors are left open to individual user activity across the estate. If cash collection is utilised it will even report on their attendance and allow you to compare with their stated SLA.

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