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    As the challenge to businesses to protect their assets has changed over time, so have our innovations around safe locking. From our breakthrough time-locks of the late Seventies through to ProSync our groundbreaking safe lock, the securing of on-site cash or valuables has always been our commitment.


    In commercial sites time delay and time locking facilities on safes can offer greater protection against both internal and external losses. TSI can advise on the type of lock best suited to your needs without affecting how the business operates.


    Investigations by your security team can be compromised by inconclusive data. Our locks can cater for multiple user codes and provide audits on activity. Our own ProSync lock even sends all activity in real time and allows investigation and reporting to be accessed remotely and warn of suspicious activity.


    The increased use of card transactions is impacting how cash safes are used. However, this has coincided with a reduction in numbers of high street banks, meaning depositing money has become more complicated. TSI safes and locks can adapt for cash collection or greater periods of time between banking.

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