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    Access Control

    The stress of traditional door keys going missing or being used improperly is a thing of the past. Our electronic locking systems are configured around you, allowing you to control the number of cabinets or cases open at a time, while giving client-facing staff speedy entry to them.


    There are a vast range of access control readers now available including facial recognition and biometric technology in addition to standard proximity card technology. It also offers the flexibility to make some areas higher security and more restricted than others.

    Strength and Appeal

    We can supply the most effective and discreet electronic locks to work with your access control system. Be they magnetic locks or solenoid bolts, every access point lock will be considered on the merits of their strength and aesthetic appeal.


    Centralised management of your system means that permissions can instantly be altered to reflect staff turnover or changes in operation. Alerts can be generated for unauthorised entry attempts giving you full overview of what is happening in your store.

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