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    Entrance areas & Glazing

    We understand that controlling the flow of people in and out of your store is vital to maintaining a high level of security. You don’t want to deter customers, so this means creating a space you can manage that doesn’t feel cramped and brings out the best in the precious items you are displaying. We can help you create a luxurious store front with the exact look you want – and with a formidable level of security built in.

    Some of the benefits of an inviting but secure lobby


    There is much to consider when using security glazing and not just getting the correct level of resistance. How the glazing is supported, preventing reflection that impacts the quality of the display and getting the glass to appear as transparent as possible. We are experienced in this and leave no stone unturned in our design planning.


    Our security doors are labours of love, crafted to have the appearance of luxury but designed with a discreet level of security to resist attack and reassure you and your staff.


    Our expert team will work closely with you during the design process to build the beautiful store entrance you desire and give you the security reassurance you and your insurers need.

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