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    Imagine a security system that tracks any unauthorised activity to your safe or protected areas in real time. ProSync is a state-of-the-art lock that guards your assets, second by second, around the clock. It works with CCTV and alarm systems to deliver real-time data to our control centre where all suspicious activity from simple staff error to the most serious trespass is quickly assessed and acted upon.

    Some of the benefits of ProSync

    Activity Audit

    Theft investigations can stall if the timings on safe audits are unreliable — but ProSync makes a daily synchronisation to its GSM clock and provides an instant audit of all activity from when the lock was first installed.

    Remotely Monitored

    Out-of-hours visits from important clients matter to your business but can weaken security. ProSync is remotely monitored for the easy adjustment of ‘open’ windows, so a safe can be accessed at any time, staff are protected and valuable items securely put away.


    If an outer door is left open, ProSync will notify keyholders. Or if a safe or strongroom door is left time-locked in the open position, our monitoring station can briefly extend the ‘open’ window so doors can be locked.

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