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    Fire Alarms

    Detecting a potential fire as soon as possible means the danger to you and your family is either greatly reduced or totally eradicated. Our alarms can alert a fire service or chosen keyholders at the first notification of an outbreak so the appropriate action is taken. Meaning your loved ones and home are protected.

    Some of the beneļ¬ts of Fire Alarms


    Our fire alarms are bespoke to your home and fully compliant. Our qualified fire alarm designer will talk you through the regulations and explain how the system will operate.


    It is not always possible or practical to discreetly install a brand new wired fire alarm to a home recently decorated to a high specification. However, advances in wireless technology mean that you can still receive the same level of coverage and response without the need for massive disruption to the home.


    We are fully NSI Gold BAFE accredited for the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire alarms. Our systems are fully certificated and compliant to provide peace of mind.

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