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    Imagine a security system that tracks any unauthorised activity on your safe or domestic areas around the clock. ProSync is a state-of-the-art lock that guards your most valued possessions, second by second, while you go about your day and night. ProSync works alongside CCTV, alarm and locking systems to deliver real-time information to our control centre where all suspicious activity is quickly assessed and acted upon.


    Some of the benefits of ProSync

    Personally Configured

    In our busy lives, we can forget simple tasks. ProSync has a door open or unlocked warning. This is totally configurable by you. If the door is left open or unlocked for a period of time determined by you, it will send a notification email to you or any designated person warning of the situation.

    Intelligent Alerts

    ProSync is equipped with a range of anti-theft devices. If under attack, the lock is fitted with both tilt and vibration sensors that can inform in real time of suspicious activity. Battery back-up is also provided to ensure the safe continues to communicate even if power is cut. All of this is supported by a GPS tracking system notifying remotely of its movements.


    When you are on vacation, ProSync can be locked down so that nobody can gain access until your return and any activity on the safe is viewed as suspicious. The remote notifications can also inform you if anybody is trying to gain access to the safe in your absence.

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